Leopard in the Grass

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Look inside (paperback measuring 5.83" x 8.26" black and white interior)

One Monday morning, Lily, a successful thirty year old career woman, sees a leopard hiding in the long grass in her suburban back garden. "What to do next?" she asks herself. Lily's surprising answer takes her and her dog, Archie, on a journey of unusual and often comical incidents. Sleeping under hedges; raiding supermarket bins; selling a stolen Gauguin, to a dodgy character from the criminal underworld – all in the cause of fulfilling Lily's dream. Lily finds love but the fulfilment of her dream is always in the balance – and along the way an old woman predicts, 'it'll all end badly'. As for Archie – if there's a friend nearby and a biscuit to be eaten, he's happy. And the leopard?

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