The Independent Ant
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The other ants think that the Independent Ant is eccentric and too independent.
They change their minds when the Independent Ant finds them lots of cookies!

The Independent Ant is also a keen cyclist but traffic jams fill the air with choking fumes.
So the Independent Ant forms the "Ant Traffic Control Demonstration Team".

Soon this remarkable team of five bicyle-riding ants is travelling the world persuading everyone to ride bicycles.

The Independent Ant page 1
The Independent Ant stands alone
The Independent Ant page 9
The eccentric Independent Ant
The Independent Ant page 31
The Ant Traffic Control Demonstration Team
The Independent Ant page 32
The ants persuade everyone to ride bikes
Photo of the famous ants receiving a "Medal of recognition"

illustration on page 35
The remarkable "Ant Traffic Control Demonstration Team" go round the world
The around-the-world-cycle
illustration on page 36