A series of 5 books with 36 pages of fun
4 insects and a worm set out to change the world.

More about the Bold Worm    More about the Independent Ant    More about the Carefree Ladybug    More about the Lazy BeeMore about the Flying Caterpillar


£4.99 each: hardback; measuring 6"x6" star BUY NOW




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The books have a reading
age of 5 to 8 years
and are loved by all ages!

The Bold Worm speaks out

Save our soil
The Independent Ant cycling with its 'Have a car-free day' balloon

The cycling champion
The Carefree Ladybug visits the desert

Camel ride
The Lazy Bee gets ready

The Lazy Bee gets ready

The Flying Caterpillar showing its adventurous side

Helicopter ride